PCR Application

Edited by David Latchman

Molecular biology has been revolutionised by the polymerase chain reaction through the amplification and characterisation of minute amounts of nucleic acids.

It is a very important technique for pathologists and even basic scientists, who frequently must detect and identify small amounts of infectious micro-organisms or mutations in small amounts of human DNA. However, the use of the PCR technique in pathology has not kept at pace with its applications in basic science. This may be because of its perception as a complicated and difficult procedure that is not within the capabilities of a routine diagnostic laboratory. Many works dealing with PCR also have a tendency to concentrate on the complex applications of this procedure rather keeping it simple and informing basic scientists how they can apply this technique in their own fields.

This book seeks to show how PCR can be applied in the spheres of infectious and inherited diseases in a way that is simple and to the point so that it can be used by non-molecular biologists who need it.

PCR Application


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Journal of Clinical Pathology
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