Professor David Latchman, CBE, is a leading UK academic, author, and philanthropist, and currently holds the position as Vice-Chancellor of Birkbeck University of London, having led the university since 2003.

During his career, Latchman has written and edited a number of successful books and teaching resources. This includes the well-regarded Gene Regulation, with five editions printed between 1990-2005. Expanded versions of the book were also created under the name of Gene Control in 2010 and 2015, and used materials from Professor Latchman’s, Eukaryotic Transcription Factors book, which also had five editions created between 1991-2008.

His years of academia have ensured he has a vast amount of knowledge to apply to his academic and textbook writing, covering topics from gene control to treating diseases of the nervous system to basic molecular and cell biology.

Professor Latchman is Chairman of the trustees of The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation and is a trustee of the Maurice and Vivienne Philanthropic Foundation. He is also a keen collector of Anglo-Judaica and has written a book on his extensive collection, The United Synagogue: 150 Years of Service. Latchman is currently preparing a sequel on this subject, provisionally entitled Ten Chief Rabbis.

Professor Latchman is educated to the highest standard, holding a First-Class Honours BA degree, MA, and PhD degree from the University of Cambridge. He also completed a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at Imperial College London and has a DSc (higher doctorate) from the University of London.


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